Source code for kadi.modules.records.core

# Copyright 2020 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from flask_login import current_user
from sqlalchemy.orm.exc import StaleDataError

from kadi.ext.db import db
from kadi.lib.conversion import strip_markdown
from kadi.lib.db import NestedTransaction
from kadi.lib.licenses.models import License
from kadi.lib.plugins.utils import signal_resource_change
from kadi.lib.resources.core import create_resource
from kadi.lib.resources.core import delete_resource
from kadi.lib.resources.core import purge_resource
from kadi.lib.resources.core import restore_resource
from kadi.lib.resources.core import update_resource
from kadi.lib.revisions.core import create_revision

from .files import remove_file
from .models import Record
from .models import RecordLink
from .models import RecordState
from .models import RecordVisibility
from .uploads import remove_upload

[docs]def create_record( *, identifier, title, creator=None, license=None, tags=None, type=None, description="", extras=None, visibility=RecordVisibility.PRIVATE, state=RecordState.ACTIVE, ): """Create a new record. Uses :func:`kadi.lib.resources.core.create_resource`. :param identifier: See :attr:`.Record.identifier`. :param title: See :attr:`.Record.title`. :param creator: (optional) The creator of the record. Defaults to the current user. :param license: (optional) The name of the license of the record. See also :class:`.License`. :param tags: (optional) A list of tag names to tag the record with. See also :class:`.Tag`. :param type: (optional) See :attr:`.Record.type`. :param description: (optional) See :attr:`.Record.description`. :param extras: (optional) See :attr:`.Record.extras`. :param visibility: (optional) See :attr:`.Record.visibility`. :param state: (optional) See :attr:`.Record.state`. :return: See :func:`kadi.lib.resources.core.create_resource`. """ creator = creator if creator is not None else current_user license = License.query.filter_by(name=license).first() return create_resource( Record, tags=tags, creator=creator, license=license, identifier=identifier, title=title, type=type, description=description, plain_description=strip_markdown(description), extras=extras, visibility=visibility, state=state, )
[docs]def update_record(record, tags=None, user=None, **kwargs): r"""Update an existing record. Uses :func:`kadi.lib.resources.core.update_resource`. :param record: The record to update. :param tags: (optional) A list of tag names to tag the record with. See also :class:`.Tag`. :param user: (optional) The user who triggered the update. Defaults to the current user. :param \**kwargs: Keyword arguments that will be passed to :func:`kadi.lib.resources.update_resource`. See also :func:`create_record`. :return: See :func:`kadi.lib.resources.core.update_resource`. """ user = user if user is not None else current_user if "description" in kwargs: kwargs["plain_description"] = strip_markdown(kwargs["description"]) if kwargs.get("license") is not None: kwargs["license"] = License.query.filter_by(name=kwargs["license"]).first() return update_resource(record, tags=tags, user=user, **kwargs)
[docs]def delete_record(record, user=None): """Delete an existing record. Uses :func:`kadi.lib.resources.core.delete_resource`. :param record: The record to delete. :param user: (optional) The user who triggered the deletion. Defaults to the current user. """ user = user if user is not None else current_user delete_resource(record, user=user)
[docs]def restore_record(record, user=None): """Restore a deleted record. Uses :func:`kadi.lib.resources.core.restore_resource`. :param record: The record to restore. :param user: (optional) The user who triggered the restoration. Defaults to the current user. """ user = user if user is not None else current_user restore_resource(record, user=user)
[docs]def purge_record(record): """Purge an existing record. This will also remove all files and uploads of the record. Uses :func:`kadi.lib.resources.core.purge_resource`. :param record: The record to purge. """ for file in record.files: remove_file(file) for upload in record.uploads: remove_upload(upload) # Avoids possible race conditions when purging records and collections # simultaneously. with NestedTransaction(exc=StaleDataError): record.collections = [] # Save some references for later use before actually deleting the record, including # all record links the record is part of. record_id = record_link_attrs = [RecordLink.record_from_id, RecordLink.record_to_id] record_links = ( record.links_to.with_entities(*record_link_attrs) .union(record.linked_from.with_entities(*record_link_attrs)) .all() ) purge_resource(record) # Since record links are also tracked as part of the record revisions, deleting the # record should also trigger a new revision in all of its linked records. for record_link in record_links: if record_link.record_from_id == record_id: linked_record_id = record_link.record_to_id else: linked_record_id = record_link.record_from_id linked_record = Record.query.get(linked_record_id) # Ignore records that are also in the process of being purged or have been # purged already. if linked_record is None or linked_record.state == RecordState.PURGED: continue # Note that the checks in this function already ensure that only a single # revision is created, even if a record is linked multiple times. revision_created = create_revision(linked_record) db.session.commit() if revision_created: signal_resource_change(linked_record)