Welcome to Kadi4Mat’s documentation!

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Kadi4Mat is the Karlsruhe Data Infrastructure for Materials Science, an open source software for managing research data.

This documentation is mainly focused on the administration and development of and with Kadi4Mat. It contains instructions on how to install, maintain and configure Kadi4Mat, some general topics about developing or contributing to Kadi4Mat, information about the HTTP API Kadi4Mat provides as well as an overview and API reference of the source code itself.

For more end-user oriented information about Kadi4Mat, including a public demo instance, check out its website. The source code of the project can be found on GitLab.

Installation & Maintenance

This chapter contains instructions on how to install, maintain and configure Kadi4Mat as well as its plugins. For setting up Kadi4Mat as a service in a production environment, please refer to the production instructions. For development installations, please refer to the development instructions instead.

This chapter covers various information about developing or contributing to Kadi4Mat. Before reading this chapter, make sure you have a working development environment.


This chapter covers the HTTP API provided by Kadi4Mat, namely some general information as well as a list of all available API endpoints.

API reference

This chapter serves as an API reference for the source code of Kadi4Mat, currently focused on the backend code.

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