Installation via setup script

The setup bash script to install Kadi4Mat can always be found on GitLab, e.g. the latest stable version is available here. It is supposed to be run on a freshly installed (virtual) machine.


The installation script will create a new system user called kadi. Please make sure that there are no existing users with this name on the machine where the script is executed.

The following commands can be used to easily run the script from the command line:

sudo apt install curl
curl >
less # Let's get an overview about what it does before running it as root
chmod +x
sudo ./


If the script exits prematurely due to an unsuitable Python version, please see the instructions on how to install a different Python version. Afterwards, the script can make use of the newly installed Python version by specifying the corresponding Python interpreter to use:

sudo ./ python3.x

The script should mostly run through autonomously, prompting for user input at some steps where necessary. Once it is complete, some further post-installation steps will most likely be required, which the script will notify about.